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To boat at Grayrocks you will need the following:

-Proof of Boat Registration (CL or WY numbers)

-Current ANS sticker (info at link below)

-Wyoming State Mussel Tag (must have a CO green tag and receipt or must go through WY decon)

To obtain the WY Mussel Tag, you must stop at the Wyoming Welcome Center at Exit 4 during business hours.

Call 307-777-4600 for more information. 

For information regarding AIS stickers, Wyoming boating regulations, and more please visit


Best Rig Contest: All are encouraged to participate! Whether it's an SUV, truck, camper, RV, combination thereof, or whatever toy you tow your boat with, hook it to your Tigé/ATX, snap a decent photo, and send it our way!

Please text or email your photos to us

NO LATER THAN Friday, July 23rd.


TEXT (303) 704-0038


Stereo Contest: All are encouraged to participate! The contest song, chosen by team WWS, will be announced on Friday, July 23rd HERE and on our Facebook Event page. The contest happens live before the raffle on Saturday, July 31st and will be judged on a scale of 1-10 in 4 categories (Bass, Mid, Treble, and Overall) by 5 guest judges.


Grand Prize Contest: All owners are automatically entered into this drawing when registered the day of the event (7/31) at our check-in tent. One raffle ticket per boat is given, and one ticket will be drawn winner.

Raffle: All owners are automatically entered into the raffle when registered the day of the event (7/31) at our check-in tent. One raffle ticket per boat is given, and every ticket is a winner

WWS 23rd Annual Tigé/ATX Reunion
Saturday, July 31st

PRIVATE Grayrocks Lakefront Camping
Grayrocks Reservoir, Wyoming
1155 Grayrocks Road, Wheatland, WY. 82212


Grayrocks Reservoir is located about 3 hours 

North of Denver just outside of Wheatland, WY

(East of I-25 off of EXIT 80)

Grayrocks Reservoir consists of 9 separate gates (off of Grayrocks Road) that have free primitive camping/boat ramps.

The WWS Owners' Reunion will be held on a  

private, reserved piece of land located on lakefront property BEFORE you reach Gate 1. WWS will have the entrance marked clearly with banners/flags beginning Thursday morning, July 29th through Monday, August 2nd. Please note that if you plan on going up before Thursday (July 29th), you will have to camp at another public gate (Gate 2-7) and move over to our private area Thursday morning. 

No camping/parking reservations are required and there is no entry fee; however, we ask that each boat owner reads over and signs a brief waiver. Please review the waiver below, and then SUBMIT YOUR DETAILS in the box following for PROOF OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT!

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Thank you for your RSVP!


Guild of Ages (GOA) will be performing a private, live rock n' roll concert just for our WWS Boats family on Saturday night (7/31) from 8PM-11PM in our campground!

Special thank you to BOAT JUICE and BOARDWALK REAL ESTATE for the sponsorship and making this possible!


We can't wait to celebrate another year with the BEST boat owners in the world. We love you, WWS Boating Family!

Please email or call
(303) 430-0202 with any questions or comments!