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Wakeboard & Waterski Specialty (WWS) was started in 1989 by owners Bill Bistline and Donna Starr. 

Beginning solely as a small slalom ski shop located in Westminster, Bill and Donna have since taken WWS to 5 different locations, buying their first business property in 1997 (72nd & Federal) and expanding to the current location (68th & Pecos) in 2004.

Not long after buying their first property, WWS received the "Watersports Dealer of the Year" award in 1998.  Bill and Donna had quickly made a name for themselves after this national recognition and were approached by Tigé Boats that same year at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.


With limited space at the time, Bill and Donna were excited to join team Tigé and managed to squeeze three 1999 Tigés inside their dealership. After selling 17 boats in their first year and earning Tige's "Rookie of the Year" award, Bill and Donna knew they would be with Tigé for years to come!

In 2004, WWS bought a much larger property and built their own building where 9 boats can fit in the showroom.

Bill and Donna continue to run daily operations and currently manage 4 sales positions and 3 service positions. ​

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