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There's no better family than the WWS family! 

Every July, WWS invites all of our proud Tigé and ATX owners to join us for a weekend at the lake! This weekend is filled with boat tie-ups, campfires, yard games,  and most importantly, time spent with fellow WWS Tigé/ATX owners!


The Annual Tigé/ATX Reunion acts as a way to show our appreciation for all of our amazing boat owners. We hold a prize raffle where every owner wins, an on-water stereo competition, a best rig competition, as well as a few other giveaways throughout the weekend. 

Traditionally, the Reunion was a single Saturday afternoon that held the raffle and contests. Over the past 24 years of Reunions however, this has become a week-long vacation that many of our owners plan for each and every year. We couldn't be happier to call this our favorite event of the year and a true WWS Family Reunion! 

To find out more about our past 25 reunions or plans for this year's event, don't hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop on by...

or better yet, get yourself a Tigé or ATX from WWS and join the party for yourself! 

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