That being said, we invite all of our Tigé and ATX owners to join us on Saturday, July 25th at Grayrocks Reservoir as we celebrate our 22nd year with our WWS boating family! This is a weekend where we show appreciation to all of you, our WWS family, as is EXCLUSIVE to our Tigé and ATX owners and their families for the very reason!

Come up for the weekend, the entire week, or even just a day--whatever best suits you and your family/crew! We will rendezvous at GATE 9, which is found near the dam on the south side of the lake. Camping is on a first-come first-serve basis, no reservations required... but that also means no electricity or hookups, so plan accordingly!

The event itself will be happening on Saturday, July 25th around 3pm-6pm. Outside of that, the time is all yours! Soak up time with your fellow Tigé and ATX owners, enjoy pot-luck style BBQs if you so choose, hang out by the bonfire, play yard games, and most importantly, GO PLAY ON THE WATER! This event is fun for the entire family, and we encourage you to bring your favorite boating Tigé/ATX crew along with you!

This year we also will be pulling off a rarity for the year 2020... we will be hosting a LIVE BAND that will be performing our favorite rock n' roll tunes on Saturday night from 8pm-midnight! Stay tuned for band announcement.

As always, we will have a raffle prize for every Tigé/ATX owner present along with multiple swag giveaways. We will also have our infamous Stereo Contest, Best Rig Competition, and our Grand Prize drawing open to anyone who wants to participate!

Please check back to this event page for more information regarding the Stereo Contest and Best Rig entry form as we get closer to the event, and feel free to contact us with ANY questions you may have!


WWS 22nd Annual Owner's Reunion

Saturday, July 25th

Grayrocks Reservoir, Wyoming


It has been one crazy year with more changes than ever... but there's one thing that's NOT changing, and that's our Annual WWS Owner's Reunion! The demand for this event is higher than ever, and after receiving word that Grayrocks Reservoir is officially open, we are sending it!


**We are aware of the CDC guidelines and recommendations and want to ensure everyone that we are not proceeding with this event recklessly... we have taken into consideration that a large number of our owners may not feel comfortable joining us this year. We have found however, that a large number of our WWS boating family feel that boating and camping are the perfect social distancing activities and have begged for this event to go on, so it shall!**


We can't wait to celebrate another year with the BEST boat owners in the world. We love you, WWS Boating Family!

Please email whitney@wwstige.com or call (303) 430-0202 with any questions or comments!

For information regarding ANS stickers, Wyoming boating regulations, and more please visit https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Fishing-and-Boating/Aquatic-Invasive-Species-Prevention