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The                               Experience

The                               Experience

The                               Experience

Mile High Maintenance Program

Welcome to the Mile High Maintenance Program from WWS Boats, a worry free maintenance program for your new 2024 Tigé Boat or ATX Surf Boat. Catered to your needs, the Mile High Maintenance Program takes the stress out of caring for your boat by providing a complete service package for the first three years of ownership.


What’s included:

  • Three years of seasonal service beginning with the first Winterize Service after purchase date.

    • Summerize Service. (Yearly)

      • Install drain plugs in motor.

      • Prep ballast system.

      • Dry run motor on a hose to ensure proper running condition.

      • Check all drivetrain fluids.

      • Visual inspection of motor mounts, shaft alignment, and underwater gear.

      • Test electric systems bow-to-stern to ensure all components are properly working.

    • Winterize Service. (Yearly)

      • Remove drain plugs from motor.

      • Oil change.

      • Check V-Drive and Transmission Fluid.

      • Stabilizer in fuel.

      • Winterize ballast system.

      • Ensure battery disconnects are turned off to save battery life.

  • Indmar Marine Engines recommended maintenance for 3 years or 300 hours, whichever comes first. *

    • 25 Hour Break in Service. (Scheduled during the first year of ownership)

      • Oil Change.

      • Inspect Impeller.

      • Inspect V-Drive and Transmission fluids.

      • Check coolant level.

      • Visually inspect ballast system.

      • Visually inspect electrical and mechanical system.

      • Visually inspect underwater running gear.

      • Visually inspect motor mounts and shaft alignment.

      • Overall inspection of all boat components.

    • 100-hour Service.

      • Oil change

      • V-drive and Transmission fluid change.

      • Replace impeller.

      • Visual inspection of motor mounts and running gear.

      • Clean air filter.

      • Inspect serpentine belt.

    • 300-hour Service.

      • Oil change

      • V-Drive and Transmission Fluid

      • Check engine coolant.

      • Inspect spark plug wires.

      • Replace fuel filter.

      • Inspect serpentine belt.

      • Inspect motor mounts and shaft alignment.

      • Replace impeller.

      • Clean Breather Hose

      • Inspect heat exchanger.

      • Check fasteners, clamps, and hoses.

  • All warranty service included in the Tigé Boats and ATX Surf Boats 5-year, 500-hour warranty. Please refer to warranty booklet provided with your boat or call WWS Boats Service with any questions about warranty coverage.

*Some services may be completed concurrently ie. hourly interval service is due during seasonal service. After 300 hours, any maintenance not included in seasonal services will be subject to WWS listed labor and parts charges.

**The Mile High Maintenance Program does not include emergency or on-water repairs. All maintenance and warranty services must be scheduled with WWS Boats and are subject to schedule availability.



  • Storage.

  • Shrink Wrap.

  • Parts upgrades.

  • Non-warranty damage including cosmetic damage and/or mechanical/electrical repairs.

Call or text WWS Boats at 303-430-0202 for more information.

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